Prayer for Current Affairs

Below is the prayer that was used at the Day of Prayer for various current affairs:

We come to You as our Creator and the Author of all life,

You formed our inmost being and knit us together in our mother’s womb.

We confess that as a people we have embraced a culture of death through the repeal of the 8th amendment.

We repent of national sin and ask You to halt the advance of abortion: the murder of our children in the land.

We pray for those who have experienced the trauma of abortion and we ask You to comfort them and help them find forgiveness and hope in Your love.

-                      We agree and say AMEN!

We want to claim Ireland as an abortion free land in Jesus’ name.

We say in Jesus’ name that THE NORTH IS NOT NEXT!

-                      THE NORTH IS NOT NEXT!

We pray resolve for our politicians in Stormont to stand firm against this evil.

We declare that ‘both lives matter’: the mother and the child.

-                      We agree and say AMEN!

We repent of how some who have claimed to represent You and Your church have abused the young, forgive us for not protecting the innocent.  We ask for healing for victims of abuse of any kind at the hands of churches and the state.

-                      Lord have mercy upon us.

We are sorry for how we have abused Your institution of marriage and ask that You will preserve its meaning in our land and heal the brokenness of our marriages and families.

-                      We agree and say AMEN!

We pray over the uncertainty of Brexit and how it effects our border, businesses and the relationships between our islands.  Lord, may Your will be done in the political future of our nations and Europe.  Whatever happens, may it result in the expansion of Your Kingdom from our land to the nations of this world.

-                      We agree and say AMEN!