Healing Our Land

Hundreds of people gathered on Saturday 8th September from 1pm-4pm, at Nutts Corner Co. Antrim, for the ‘Healing the Land’ interdenominational Day of Prayer for Ireland.

Attendees travelled from all four provinces to gather to pray for the whole island. The tone of the proceedings was very much one of contrition for the church’s failings and contribution to our troubled history.
Prayers of repentance were prayed for how those who have called themselves Christian have treated others and each other. Prayers for victims of clerical abuse and the troubles were offered. There were also acts of repentance for how the Christian message has been politicised in much of our religious expression. The gathering was called upon to submit all political and religious labels and categories to the claims of Jesus Christ. There was a huge wooden cross erected on site.  Attendees were encouraged to approach the cross and leave a stone representing something they believed they should submit to God.
Speakers on the day reaffirmed that the message of Christ is beyond Catholic and Protestant labels and any ‘ism’ we might ascribe to. Also, there was a positive reaffirmation of and call to the biblical Gospel.
Various topical issues were prayed for by the crowd including Stormont (Saturday being the 600th day without government), community relations, reconciliation, suicide, addictions, abortion and the uncertainties of Brexit.
The day ended on a positive note regarding the hope of a new kind of spiritual awakening in Ireland: North, South, East and West.