Healing the Land 2017 Community Christmas Dinner

We had a great time on Sunday 10th December at our Community Christmas Dinner in Walsh’s Hotel in Maghera when over 100 people from throughout the community came together to enjoy a meal and fellowship with each other. Thank you to Walsh's Hotel for having us and for the delicious meal, to Sophie, Ciaran and the kids from the Maghera Cross Community Link for providing top class entertainment. Thank you also to The Auction Room, Movie House Cinemas, Kelly's Euro Spar, McKee's Butchers and Crawfords Maghera for providing items for free door prizes. Also thank you to Mid-Ulster District Council for their support!

Community Christmas Dinner

Healing the Land will be hosting again a Community Christmas Dinner on Sunday 10th December at 4.30pm in Walsh's Hotel, Maghera.  It is our desire to show love, care and support to those who may need some extra encouragement this Christmas. In addition to a delicious Christmas meal there will be music from Maghera's own Sophie Shiels and the kids choir from Maghera Cross Community Link.

The dinner is free however please RSVP before 6th December to healingthelandni@gmail.com or by calling or texting 07803340701.  Space is limited so please RSVP early!

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Prayer of Repentance

The following is the Prayer of Repentance which was prayed corporately at the "It's Time" Day of Prayer on 9th September, 2017 at Nutts Corner.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for our Christian heritage from Patrick and the Celtic church until now.  We thank You for our history as a ‘land of saints and scholars’, spreading the Gospel to the world.  However, today we acknowledge that for many years the world has known our land as a place of hatred and bloodshed.  Throughout our history the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, has been used to justify many things that have brought dishonour to You.  Our bitter disputes and hard hearts have driven Your Kingdom from us and we have served the idols of national identity and tribal fears.  We confess that we have taken Your Holy name in vain.  

We gather together today to own our sins and the sins of our fathers which have stained our land. We are truly sorry and we earnestly repent.  Please have mercy on us and forgive us for what we have done against You, what we have done to this land and what we have done to one another.  Together we come to the foot of the cross declaring that only Jesus can take away our sins and heal our land. 

We recognise that along with the heritage that we have received from You there are weeds and snares of compromise and untruth.  We confess fear, mistrust, hatred, violence, negativity, judgementalism, entitlement and complacency.  We ask you to release us from all unhealthy bondages of culture, wrong covenants and the unhelpful mindsets of our history, and bring us into the righteousness, peace and joy of the kingdom of God.

Father, Lord of heaven and of every tribe, tongue and nation on Earth. We as Your church affirm that 'All authority in heaven and on earth' belongs to Jesus and He has commissioned us to 'Go make disciples of all nations'. 

Today we speak into existence a new mindset in the heavenly realms over our land, that will allow our politicians and all our people to move forward into a peaceful and harmonious future together where there is room for all. 

We declare, we will have King Jesus to rule over us, as our only Saviour and Lord, we will serve His Kingdom above all other earthly Kingdoms and we will choose to walk in His footsteps, loving and serving one another – to the glory of God the Father, in the name of Jesus the Son, and in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.


IT IS TIME To Pray For Our Land!

On the 9th September, thousands of people from all over Ireland will gather at Nutts Corner to pray for the healing of our land.  This day is for all who believe that our island has a desperate need for healing, renewal and reconciliation.  Not only is there a political vacuum in our country, but also a massive spiritual and emotional void in our people.  Our political impasse reflects quite graphically the personal crisis and despair of so many hearts.  Over the years, so much has been tried to find a long-term solution to our problems, but answers have eluded us.  Where do we turn now?

Some will say that the last thing we need is more religion – ‘Did that not help to get us into this monumental mess?’  The 9th September is not about sectarian religion that divides, but is about the Spirit of God uniting ordinary people in truth.  It is a call to all who sense that there is more to Christianity than we have experienced in much of our history.  We need God to do something new and fresh among us!

Albert Einstein’s definition of ‘insanity’ was ‘Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’.  Thomas Jefferson said, ‘If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done’.  When was the last time a national assembly for prayer took place?  Surely the time has come – the time is now!

It is time for those who believe our only answer is found in answer to prayer to unite together, petitioning God in Jesus’ name for real transformation.

If you agree, please join us: 9th September 2017, 1:00pm-4:00pm, Nutts Corner Market Area.  Thank you, we look forward to joining you there!

Got questions about life?

Everyone should have the chance to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share their point of view.  Healing the Land will be hosting Alpha this spring in the Maghera community.  Alpha is for anyone who is curious.  The videos and talks are designed to encourage conversation and explore the basics of the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment.  No question is out of bounds and people are free to discuss as much or as little as they want. 

Alpha will be held on Tuesdays at 8pm starting 21st March, 2017 at the Maghera Cross Community Link, 49 St. Lurachs Road, Maghera (next to the Movie House cinema.)

Everyone is welcome!

Healing the Land hold Christmas lunch in Maghera

On Sunday 18th December, 2016 Healing the Land held a free Community Christmas lunch in Maghera. Special thanks to The Link Cross Community choir and Nicola Convery for performing and for Walsh's Hotel for hosting us!